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Personal Bibles

Online Intake for Bible Rebind HERE!

We can repair, restore and customize any personal Bible to your specifications.

Read below for details about our process.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, we are currently not offering in-person Bible intake.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We are more than willing to work with you to choose the best materials for your Bible and to make sure that you have the best experience possible!


See below for online intake option with 4-5 week turnaround 

[If you don't need to have a consultation in person, check out the online bible intake HERE.

Use code: Bible10

for $10 off using Online Bible intake 

There will be communication over the phone/email, but you will not come in to the studio, you will mail your bible in or drop it by (if local).

Gift certificates can be purchased.
Please note that we recommend a gift certificate amount of at least $125 for new leather Bible covers.
Lesha: 479-422-7001

Frequently Asked Questions:
How much will it cost to have my Bible rebound in leather?

Most Bibles average between $125-$175. The cost depends on the type of leather you choose and the amount of repair that needs to be done to the text. If you want to repair an existing cover, the cost is generally between $50-$100. 

How long does it take?

Once we start your Bible, it will take about 4 weeks to complete.


How do I get it to you?

There are two main ways that we take in Bibles: In-studio appointment (6-8 weeks) OR On-line Intake (which includes a drop-off for locals;2-4 weeks). If you are local, you can call or email us to get on the wait list for the next Bible intake day (see top of this page). We will contact you to bring your Bible in a few days before we start. When you bring it in, you will make decisions on colors of leather, endsheets, ribbons, extra note pages, and printing.  We require a minimum 50% deposit at this time. Appointments are a great way to get your Bible customized, but if you cannot make it during an intake day, the online option is also a great way to go. This option requires you to answer questions and make decisions and pay online. After you have finished, you can either ship it to us or schedule a drop-off (if local). 
If you do not live in Northwest Arkansas, you can ship your Bible directly to us at
718 N. 46th Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72704
Don’t forget to include your name and phone number with your Bible. Also, Please email us when you ship it so we can be sure to go to check our PO Box.
We will call you when we receive your Bible to finalize decisions..

I have my grandmothers Bible and I’d like to restore it so that it retains the character of the original but with all of the structural integrity of a new cover. Is this possible?

Absolutely. We love to retain the character when possible of beloved family heirlooms. In this case, we generally try to salvage the old cover and mount it onto the new cover. With a little wax and dye this can be a very pleasing restoration. There are other possible treatments that we explore on a case by case basis.

My Bible is in awful condition, is it possible to fix it?

Yes. We can fix virtually anything. 

If it’s cheaper to buy a new Bible, then why fix mine?

It definitely is cheaper to buy a new Bible; and if you are not sentimentally attached to your Bible, then it is sometimes preferable. However, investing in your current Bible is almost always the better option if you plan on using it long term. The materials we use are of the highest quality and will give you a lifetime of usability.


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