What is a Fillion?


A Fillion is a high-quality refillable journal/planner that you can customize to meet your needs. Earth-exploring travel journal, refillable sketch book, business meeting accessory, life planner/organizer, field notebook, or just an old fashioned diary…Two books or ten books, a calendar, a pocket, or all of the above.       




How to use a Fillion
The standard Fillion sizes are small, large, and extra large and are made to work with Pocket, Large and Extra Large Moleskine Products. We chose Moleskine because they carry a nice selection of notebooks and planners and are easy to find. Moleskine products are probably available at your locally owned bookstore or stationery shop, but can also be found Barnes & Noble, Target, and Amazon.
For Notebook refills we recommend:   
Moleskine Cahiers (sold in 3 - packs in ruled, graph or blank and in an assortment of colors)
Moleskine Volant Notebooks (sold in 2-packs in ruled, graph, or blank and assortment of colors)
Other Notebooks that work with Fillions:
Field Notes notebooks also work perfectly with our small Fillion.
May Designs notebooks work with Large Fillions
Regular Composition notebooks work in XLarge Fillions.
For Calendar/Planners:
Moleskine Weekly or Monthly calendars come in all three sizes and fit perfectly in your Fillion. Make sure to order SOFT COVER. If you have a specific calendar and notebook size you like to use, please contact us regarding custom size pricing.
Can we press your company logo into a Fillion? Yes, we can! And Fillions make great gifts for employees, board members and special clients. A staff or department meeting with company Fillions? A sales team with matching fillions? Heck yeah!




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