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Notebook Sizing Guide

There are many sizes available for your Fillion, and we're here to help if you're not too sure what size you need!

Check out our handmade notebooks here! We can make any size!

Make sure the size you choose will fit the size and/or type of notebook you intend to use with your Fillion!
  • Extra Large Fillions will fit XL Moleskine and Composition notebooks.
  • Large Fillions fit large Moleskine notebooks.
  • Small Fillions fit small Moleskine and Field Notes notebooks.

Also take into account how many notebooks you will have in your Fillion at a time. You might beed a bigger size of Fillion and you will also need book connectors if you will have more than two notebooks in your Fillion.

  • Bifolds can hold 2-4 Fillion notebooks at a time.
  • Trifolds can hold 2-8 Fillion notebooks at a time.
  • (The number of notebooks a Fillion can hold also depends on the thickness of the notebook or paper that you are putting in your Fillion.)

We also offer the Double X base cord option, which will give you four base cords instead of two. See any Fillion listing to see more details and photos of this option.