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Black Custom Fillion
Black Custom Fillion
Black Custom Fillion
Black Custom Fillion
Black Custom Fillion
Black Custom Fillion
Black Custom Fillion

Black Custom Fillion

Each Fillion is made to order and comes in high quality leather and cord color of your choosing. The journal is refillable and is designed to be used with all standard sizes of notebooks. For example, if you use A5 notebooks then you will want to choose an A5 Fillion. Please call or email with any notebook sizing questions you may have or see our notebook chart.

Notice: Fillions do not automatically include notebooks But you will be able to add them:

You will be prompted to add our blank (unruled) notebooks during the order process OR check out our in-house, made-to-order options to order notebooks separately: Please note that we are happy to set these up in your Fillion for you (you will have the option to send us instructions during the notebook checkout process).

Blank/unruledruleddot-gridwatercolor, or multimedia. Click the links for more details and photos.


About this leather

The Fillion in the photo is a trifold with plum cord.

This leather is a dry, 5 oz oil-tan. It has no grain so it is super smooth. It's not stiff, per se, but still provides a good structure for your notebooks.


Fillions do not automatically include notebooks.

Use your favorite notebooks or check out our in-house, made-to-order options:

Blank/unruledruleddot-gridwatercolor, or multimedia.


Fillions come with two bookmarks (waxed cord that holds optional charms) and a simple binder clip pen holder. 
(Find our charms here!)

Get a magnetic pocket for your Fillion as well! We have any size you need for our standard Fillion/Moleskine sizes: small, large, and extra large!

You can personalize your Fillion, add book connectors, and also add an additional passport cord to the spine (which includes a small secretarial pocket), and even add a second full cord to the spine for extra charges(XX option).

Want more notebooks? Check out our new notebook options:  blank/unruled, dot-grid, watercolor, or multimedia


If you have any order questions, email us at

Setting up your Fillion

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