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Introducing the newest Fillion product: The ARCHIVER

When I started making Fillions six years ago, I also created a product called the archiver. I sold a few on Etsy, displayed a couple at shows, and talked about them briefly here and there with a few of the prolific notebook-fillers out there. Then, happily and gratefully overwhelmed by the amount of work there was to be done in the bindery, on the Fillion side and the Book Restoration/Repair side, I took the archiver off the product list and only sold them to a few people who specifically asked about them. Recently, with the addition of Bailey to the bindery team, I have felt confident about adding new products to the menu, and so she and I have set about making prototype after prototype until we got exactly what we wanted.

First, a little about what the purpose of the archiver is and how it works.
The archiver is meant to hold the notebooks that you want to keep as you fill them up and remove them from your Fillion (or other notebook cover). Besides being able to hold up to 14 slim notebooks, we also wanted the archiver to sit pretty on a bookshelf, for the materials we used to be archival, and for there to be a space for printing (or labels) on the spine. Because of all of these factors, it has taken us a bit of time to get it just right. The archiver will be the perfect way for you to catalog your writing, research, trips, notes, drawings, sketches, or your old planners or Bullet Journals. 

Order one here!

Please take a minute to watch the video below to get an idea of how the archiver is meant to work for you. Please note that custom sizes are absolutely available. 


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