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Small Dos-a-dos- Ready To Ship
Small Dos-a-dos- Ready To Ship
Small Dos-a-dos- Ready To Ship
Small Dos-a-dos- Ready To Ship

Small Dos-a-dos- Ready To Ship

 The Fillion you are ordering is the exact one pictured in this listing (scroll the list to see different available Fillions).  All of these are Small Moleskine Sizing (3.5 x 5.5 notebooks).

This is the Dos-A-Dos Fillion. It is like two Fillions woven into one. See the photos to see the setup. These are made in the same way as our Duos, with two layers of leather sealed together. These come with four base cords, two notebooks included on each side (4 total). You can still use the book connector system to add more notebooks, if you wish, as well!


This listing is pre-made, ready to ship Fillions, so you will get the exact Fillion in the photo. If you have any questions about a custom Dos-A-Dos, email us!

(See photo or video below to learn how to use the book connectors)

Each Fillion comes in high quality leather. The journal is refillable and is designed to be used with most Moleskine or other journaling products.
Please note that the Dos-A-Dos come with 4 Fillion Notebooks, two on each side. 
(See video below to see how to set up your Fillion!)

Moleskine Notebook Sizes:
Small Size Measurements:  3.5 x 5.5 inches 

You can personalize your Fillion and add book connectors for extra charges.

Fillions come with two bookmarks (strings to add charms to), a Fillion bookmark, and a simple binder clip pen holder.
(Find our charms here!)

Get a magnetic pocket for your Fillion as well! We have any size you need for our standard Fillion/Moleskine sizes: small, large, and extra large!

If you have any order questions, email us at


Setting up your Fillion

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