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True Navy Custom Fillion *LAST OF THE HIDE* (limited sizes)
True Navy Custom Fillion *LAST OF THE HIDE* (limited sizes)

True Navy Custom Fillion *LAST OF THE HIDE* (limited sizes)

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This leather is a little more flimsy than our other leathers. It don't hold scratches very easily, and that might be a good or a bad thing depending on how you like your Fillion to weather. If you want a blue/navy leather Fillion that will age better, check out the Inky Blue or even the Dark Navy Fillions!

This leather comes in limited size options because it is pre-cut for Fillions and is the last of the hide. We won't be able to get this leather again!

The Bifold can hold 3-5 books (depending on book thickness) comfortably using our book connectors.
The Trifold can hold up to 8 books comfortably (depending on book thickness) with our book connector system. 
(See photo or video below to learn how to use the book connectors)

Each Fillion is made to order and comes in high quality leather and cord color of your choosing. The journal is refillable and is designed to be used with most Moleskine or other journaling products. We now offer other sizes to accommodate other notebook preferences. Please note that only standard Moleskine sizes (small, large, and extra large) come with 2 Fillion Notebooks at this time.
(See video below to see how to set up your Fillion!)

Moleskine Notebook Sizes:
Large Size Measurements: 5 x 8.25 inches
(Make sure you're getting the right Fillion size here with our size guide)

You can personalize your Fillion and add book connectors for extra charges.

Fillions come with two bookmarks (strings to add charms to), a Fillion bookmark, and a simple binder clip pen holder.
(Find our charms here!)

Get a magnetic pocket for your Fillion as well! We have any size you need for our standard Fillion/Moleskine sizes: small, large, and extra large!

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