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Intro to Bullet Journaling- MAY 30th
Intro to Bullet Journaling- MAY 30th

Intro to Bullet Journaling- MAY 30th

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Thursday, May 30, 6-8 p.m. at Little Mountain Bindery Studio

Directions to bindery will be sent when you sign up.

Do you want to try to be more present? More intentional? Develop new habits? Find an alternative to traditional planners or phone dependency?

Come join us for a Beginner Bullet Journal class. In this class, Patricia and Lesha will offer their experiences with the Bullet Journal Method and help you completely set up your Bullet Journal for the first time. You will leave the class ready to begin the practice of Bullet Journaling. 

The cost is only $10. 

You will need to bring the following to class:

1.  A dot-grid journal (we recommend one of the following- Any notebook works but please make sure you buy 8x5 ish or bigger size)

  • Leuchtturm 1917 (either the Bullet Journal or the A5 dot grid)
  • Moleskine large (dot grid either hard or soft cover works)

The above notebooks are available at Barnes and Noble in Fayetteville. Shindig Paperie on Block currently has many colors of the Leuchtturm Journal in stock.

2.  A pencil with eraser or an erasable pen such as Frixion (for beginners, being able to erase is pretty important)

3.  Bring your current calendar/planner (digital or analog)


1. Ruler (optional- we will have some for use)

2. THE BULLET JOURNAL METHOD by Ryder Carroll (recommended reading optional)

3. Fillion (helpful but not required)


Class participants who want to purchase a Fillion that fits their Bullet Journal will receive a special discount.