Writer's Notebook Kit - Family Recipes
Writer's Notebook Kit - Family Recipes
Writer's Notebook Kit - Family Recipes
Writer's Notebook Kit - Family Recipes
Writer's Notebook Kit - Family Recipes

Writer's Notebook Kit - Family Recipes

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Perfect for holidays, and now is the perfect time to do the research for your kit!

This is your excuse to buy a new notebook and some fun ways to fill one up! Whether or not you use a Fillion (these will work with the standard or A5 size Fillion), this may be just the excuse you need to buy a new notebook! Each kit will include one handmade notebook and a writing project/assignment/challenge along with all the accessories you need to completely fill your notebook! Some of these will be pretty CRAFTY and others will be geared more toward nurturing the writer inside, but they will all have writing as a part of the assignment. Sometimes, I will bring in guest writers and artists to help me design a notebook kit. These notebooks will always be limited edition. Some editions will be smaller than others. 

Note: If you use a different notebook size, no worries! You can still use the kit and writing assignment to work in your setup! Keep in mind that your notebook needs to be at least 3.25" wide and 5.5" tall to work due to the size of some of the accessories in the kit. Feel free to email with questions.

This is the first one that we have offered. It is called Family Recipes! This is a fun opportunity to explore some of the dishes in your life that hold emotional weight. It is limited to 60. Here's what comes in the kit:

1. Fillion Notebook (8.25 x 5 in)

2. 5 library pockets

3. 10 index cards

4. 2 collections of paper for adding color to your pockets and entries.

5. 4 fun paper clips

6. 2 manilla tags

7. Twine

8. 3 (3x5) kraft envelopes with 6 small ruled pages for writing mini letters (part of the assignment) and tabs for inserting into book

9. Fountain pen nib charm (because WRITING)

10. Your writing assignment! (We will also post youtube tutorials related to each kit-for example, how to insert envelopes so they turn like a page)

Recommended tools for you to complete this kit:

UHU glue stick, scissors, tacky glue (white glue), and SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH!

Using watercolor pencils, fancy pens, markers, paints, your own papers, and going crazy with it is optional but ENCOURAGED!

TAG photos of your pages #fillionloveclub on Instagram! 


If you have any order questions, email us at fillion@littlemountainbindery.com